Filming a movie in Santa Cruz or Monterey County

Filming a movie in Santa Cruz or Monterey County? There is a reason why filmmakers choose Santa Cruz and Monterey County, California. Beauty, stunning coastal seaside villages, mountain roads, Redwood trees, ocean views, sunny surfing spots, over 30-miles of breathtaking coastline, and Santa Cruz's unique personality make up just some of what Santa Cruz and Monterey County have to offer. 

Here are just a few movies that have been filmed in Santa Cruz County (source
1971 “Harold and Maude”, location a bluff near West Cliff Drive among other places.
1983 “Sudden Impact”, location: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
1987 “The Lost Boys”, location: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and Pogonip
1988 “Killer Klowns From Outer Space”
1995 “Dangerous Minds”
2012 “Chasing Mavericks”
2019 “Us”, location Henry Cowell State Park

Monterey County Film Commission
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Helpful starter tips for filming on-location in most counties in California:

  • certificate of insurance for a minimum of $1 million naming the jurisdiction (and its officers, agents and employees) as additionally insured
  • submit a written locations breakdown or description
  • signature of an authorized representative
  • payment in advance of the project
  • please note that each jurisdiction handles its own film permit procedures directly, all require the following

More helpful information and links about filming professional or smaller documentaries and more in California:


California is filled with stunning, picturesque state roads, state parks and beaches. Contact the California Film Commission for more information of permits for these locations.

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